The Hidden Benefits of Not Having a Yard

Most of us can envy a beautiful yard, until we realize how much effort goes into the upkeep. Although curb appeal can make a property more desirable, one of the benefits of considering a townhome is not having a yard to manage. 

Here are five hidden benefits of not having to care for a yard.

Benefits of Not Having a Yard in Denver

Not Having a Yard Means Less Maintenance

Getting the keys to a new home can be a fantastic feeling, but once homeowners realize how much effort goes into lawn care, the honeymoon phase may start fading. Pulling weeds, raking leaves, and mowing are all time consuming tasks – but the average price of a single mow in Colorado is just over $40. If you’re thinking about purchasing a home, a townhouse or condominium without a lawn to maintain means fewer chores on the to-do list! 

Homes with No Yards Experience Fewer Pests

Another benefit to not having a lawn to care for is fewer opportunities for invasive pests to take hold. A significant component of lawn care is pest control, especially for invasive insects like billbugs, grubs, or chinch bugs. Homeowners need to stay on top of putting down chemical-laden insecticides to keep bugs at bay because if there is an invasion, it can take weeks or months to eradicate. When you don’t have a lawn, there are fewer pests to worry about.

No Yard Keeps the HOA Away!

Homeowners who live within an HOA-managed community are probably familiar with the notification sent out if your grass has gotten a little too long. Depending on the bylaws, your HOA may dictate your landscape choices, the shrubs and flowers you can plant, and how often you must mow. You can avoid this altogether when you don’t have a lawn to keep up!

Lawnless Properties Are More Sustainable 

Believe it or not, a property without a lawn may be much more sustainable. Studies show that half of the outdoor water use goes to making sure a beautiful green lawn stays that way during the height of summer. Additionally, chemical fertilizers added to properties multiple times a year can run off into sewer drains during rainstorms or when watering the lawn. This chemical runoff can create environmental issues within local waterways, rivers, and lakes and affect water quality and wildlife. Considering a townhome that doesn’t include a lawn can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Save Time and Money by Going Yardless 

Ultimately not having a lawn to care for can save a significant amount of money and give you back more free time to spend how you choose. In addition to a smaller water bill, you don’t have to buy lawn equipment like a lawnmower, weed eater, or pay for a lawn service each month. Additionally, the average homeowner can spend up to 70 hours on lawn care each year. That’s nearly three days you can get back if you don’t have a lawn to maintain.

While a beautiful green lawn may be great to look at, it’s not always enjoyable to maintain. If you’re ready to purchase a property but want to bypass the lawn care necessities, a townhome may be a great option to consider.

Explore Denver’s Best No-Yard Communities 

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